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50th Wedding Anniversary Tribute

Copy of address given to:
Margorie Druhan and Neil Peter MacLean on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
December 1, 1938
Presented by:
Francis B. MacDonald and Neil P.S. MacLean

"For your information, "in the old days" when an occasion like this arose, one or more would compose/write the address, then there was a church service (Mass) and the

the people of the community would gather
(probably at the home, but maybe the school) for the presentation, something to eat (pretty simple! no caterers! ha). The address would be read to the person/people being honored, a gift (small amount of $) would be presented and the copy of the address would be given to the honoree(s). It does not appear to be a man's writing (definitely not Neil P.S. or Francis B.) although who knows who actually COMPOSED it? It may well have been Neil P.S. because he did a lot of writing for a gentleman of that time and place ... The way things were done, one of these gentlemen would have read the address and the other would be standing by to pass the envelope at the appropraite moment ...."

(Copy and historical account supplied by grandaughter)