False Claims about Lydia Blankenship

NOTE: Don Blankenship is not a direct desendant of Lydia Blankenship.
The six records he claims to have have never been found by anyone else.

Resent-From: BLANKENSHIP-L@rootsweb.com
Date: Fri, 5 May 2000 17:33:16 -0700
From: "Don Blankenship"

(Note: First sentence removed because it mentioned someone elses name.) I will point out that as a result of a recent death in the family, I have been preoccupied and unable to correspond. When I was told of this confusion I felt the need to take the time to reply. I feel that Judith was too eager to "pounce" and wonder why she felt it was even neccesary. If my failure to reply to her request for proof that William II "Buck" Blankenship and Ann Osborne are in fact the parents of Lydia Blankenship is what caused her fury, then I have only this to say: I have six sources of concrete information that is accessible thru public records that prove my statement is fact. This information I will not divulge to her, as I feel no need to be cooperative in light of her lashing out of fury. Judith can take the time to do her own research as I have done.

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