Regarding Lydia Blankenship - John Hargis Clues

Subject: GOOD FOR YOU!
Date: Tue, 4 Oct 2005 08:03:57 -0400

Just found your *#@!! Brick Wall page, and had to say how much I admire you for NAMING those who put themselves forth as authorities, but won't produce any documentation. I might just follow your lead on my ancestor, Isaac Moore Sr.

Now to tell you how I found your site, and maybe to give you a clue or two that might help on that brick wall. I was searching for John Hargis and Lydia, my (believed) 4th great grandparents from Russell County, VA. My John Hargis came out of North Carolina about 1786, and shows up on the Russell County tax lists for several years thereafter. There are numerous deeds in which he and wife Lydia both signed. They had sons, Samuel, John Hargis Jr., and daughters Lydia Jane (my ancestor, although not positively proven with paper records to be theirs), Winnie, and several more children. Anyhow, in searching the Russell County, VA genweb for HARGIS, there are 105 entries with that exact spelling, and I haven't even tried variations. In reading through all of those entries, there were 2-3 instances where a Blankenship name was also involved.

John Hargis Sr., and my proven ancestor John Sykes jointly witnessed one record. John Syked married Lydia Jane Hargis, and they named a daughter Winnie. Winnie married John Bartley, and they named a daughter Lydia. Lydia married John Wesley Childers, and named a daughter Winnie, but her son Flem (named for his dad's dad) was my grandfather.

The names Lydia, Winnie, and Samuel are in practically every family descending from John & Lydia Hargis. Have you looked at this family yet? I need to work in Russell County some myself to prove beyond a doubt that I have correct parents for my Lydia, but don't know when I'll ever get to do that.

Good Luck,

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