Hearsay linking of Lydia Blankenship

NOTE: Ron Blackburn is the author of the "100 Years Blackburn Census of Pike Co. KY".
His claim of William for Lydia's father is based on hearsay.
His statement of the Blackburns of Eastern KY also having his same tradition is in error. There are many who do not believe this false claim.
Notice he is a Blackburn, not a Blankenship.

Subject: Lydia Blankinship
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2000 10:41:58 -0400
From: "Ron Blackburn"
CC: "Susan Hale"

I have been researching the Blackburn family for 40 years and think that I have risen above the greenhorn stage. (Editor note: Sentence taken out here that mentions someone elses name.) I have never refused anyone help in sharing my information and have always been willing to correcting my files. If you have any documented data related to the parents of Lydia Blankenship, please provide me with this information and I will evaluate same.

According to the marriage record of Vicy, d/o Lydia and John Blackburn, it states that she and father were born in Ky and her mother was born in Tazwell. The marriage was recorded in 11/12/1868 and was at the home of John Blackburn. Vicy will appear as Louisa in the 1860 census.

As for the parents of Lydia Blankenship, tradition among the Blackburns of eastern Pike County as well as my line in central Pike county have passed the tradition that William Blankenship was the father of Lydia.

Lydia's place of birth has/will be changed to Virginia on the Blackburn 100 year census. Her father will remain as William Blankenship.

Ron Blackburn

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