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Cabrillo Middle School International Club Swing Dancers Santa Clara, California
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Cabrillo Middle School

Cabrillo Middle School is a 6th - 8th grade school and is located in Santa Clara, California. Every year in February, there is an International Festival where almost half of the kids at the school belong to. Each kid gets to choose what group they want to participate in for the Festival.

How We Started

The Swing Dancers are one of the International Club groups.

Because we did such a great job with our Zoot Suit Riot Dance, we were invited to perform at other places. We have stayed together as a group of 20 students and continue to add more dances.

Our Advisor and Instructor

Our Advisor Teacher is Kathy Nichols, who is a 6th Grade teacher here at Cabrillo Middle School.

Our Dance Instuctor is professional dancer Bud Ayers of "SHALL WE DANCE Productions".
Bud Ayers is available for instruction and can be reached 24 hours a day at:
408.807.2749 or email at:
Be sure to visit his website for further dance information at:

SHALL WE DANCE Productions

Kathy Nichols

Kathy Nichols -
Our Advisor Teacher