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Cabrillo Middle School International Club Swing Dancers Santa Clara, California
Recent and Upcoming Performances


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Recent Performances

February 11, 2000 - Sunnvale Ballroom, Sunnyvale, CA

February 12, 2000 - Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day-Saints, Santa Clara, CA

February 18, 2000 - Cabrillo Middle School International Club Festival, Santa Clara, CA

April 29, 2000 - Sunnyvale Ballroom, Sunnyvale, CA

May 12, 2000 - Stanford University Spring Festival, Palo Alto, CA

June 6, 2000 - Cabrillo Middle School Talent Show, Santa Clara, CA - 12:00 noon & 1:45 PM

June 17, 2000 - Cabrillo Middle School, Santa Clara, CA -
4:00 PM

June 19, 2000 - Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA - 1:30 PM & 3:45 PM

The Swing Dancers on the Bus


Disneyland was our last Performance ever....

- Yes! We had the famous bus ride into "behind the scene" Disneyland Park!

- Yes! We practiced in the Disneyland Studio!

- Yes! We had the famous walk through the "behind the scene" tunnels!

- Yes! We had the famous excorted walk through the park to the stage.

- Yes! We were cast members of Disneyland Park, Anaheim and performed there.

- Yes! We received the famous T-shirts, plaque and Cabrillo Middle School Swing Dancers Stage sign that Disneyland provided for us.

- Yes! We had fun playing at Disneyland!

- Yes! We are so very grateful to our teachers, Ms. Kathy Nichols, and Mr. Bud Ayers and to Disneyland, Investors Management Company, NEC, the Shall We Dance patrons, Stanford University, The Education Foundation and for everyone/place that let us perform...

For the opportunity of a lifetime and memories that will never be forgotten.... THANK YOU!